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TRV Chair

Balance Quest by Interacoustics TRV Chair

BPPV treatment made comfortable.

The TRV Chair is a unique tool for the diagnosis and treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).  The the TRV Chair, examiners can rotate their patients 360 degrees along the plane of each semicircular canal.  It is possible to lock the patient in any position for a detailed look at each semicircular canal.

Why is the TRV Chair an important tool in benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) patients?

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is the most common cause of otogenic vertigo. However, positional testing can be difficult or impossible with certain patient groups. This includes patients that are heavy, disabled, elderly or who have neck issues. Thus, a large portion of BPPV patients cannot be treated with conventional methods.

How to perform BPPV treatment with the TRV Chair

Precise stimulation and diagnosis of all six of the fluid-filled semicircular canals

Interacoustics vHIT EyeSeeCam

Micromedical by Interacoustics vHIT - EyeSeeCam

Features: ~~The EyeSeeCam vHIT provides quick and objective measurements of the vestibular-ocular reflex (VOR). A simple tool to assess the performance of all 6 semicircular canals. The results allow the healthcare professional to efficiently diagnose the “dizzy” patient and evaluate if the dizziness is related to a vestibular disorder.

Micromedical Visual Eyes 505 Binocular Video Frenzel System PDF

Micromedical by Interacoustics Visual Eyes 505 Binocular Video Frenzel System

Features include: Ability to display both eye and situation camera images on the screen, Recording indicator with elapsed time, Pre-labeled tests or create your own test names, Remote controlled video recording and fixation light with optional handheld remote, or goggle button. Video files are stored in AVI file format.


Micromedical by Interacoustics VisualEyes™ 525 VNG

Touch the future
Videonystagmography provides ideal conditions for the observation, measurement and analysis of eye movements. It saves time, reduces costs and avoids the problems of myogenic and electrical noise.

Modern touch-enabled user interface – Navigate through software without the mouse – Shortest time from test to conclusion – Intuitive design – Record client’s comments and case history – Capture positional maneuvers with sound –
Playback in slow motion or frame by frame – Crosshairs displayed during playback – Time line scrolls to show location in raw data – Videos are stored in a easily accessible folder

Micromedical by Interacoustics Auto Traverse

Micromedical by Interacoustics Auto-Traverse

Rotational chair with off-axis centripetal acceleration.

The Auto-Traverse chair is a state-of-the-art enclosed rotary chair, engineered to deliver precisely controlled stimuli and superior data analysis of the VOR. The innovative Auto-Traverse chair offers maximum acceleration up to 200 deg/sec and can accommodate for patient weight up to 400 lbs.

The Comprehensive test battery provides the clinician with advanced protocols which can be customized to meet the needs of the patient population from infants to adults:

Sinusoidal Harmonic Acceleration (SHA) from 0.01 Hz to 1.28 Hz, Step Velocity Test up to 350 deg/sec, VOR Suppression Test from 0.01 Hz to 1.28 Hz with built-in laser fixation target, Visual VOR Test utilizing the built-in optokinetic drum to enhance the VOR, Static and Dynamic subjective visual vertical (SVV) tests. The off-axis centripetal acceleration offered with the Auto-Traverse chair provides for advanced dynamic assessment of eccentric otolith function with dynamic subjective visual vertical (SVV) test of perceived tilt: 300 deg/sec velocity on or off axis.

Micromedical by Interacoustics Orion Comprehensive

Micromedical by Interacoustics Orion Comprehensive

Providing insight into the complexity of the balance system.

The Comprehensive chair provides the same state-of-the-art features as the Auto-Traverse chair, but without the off-axis centripetal option.

Accommodating for a wide variety of vestibular assessment needs, the Comprehensive chair has a maximum velocity up to 350 deg/sec, maximum acceleration up to 299 deg/sec, and provides the clinician with advanced protocol options and customization.

The Test battery includes: Sinusoidal Harmonic Acceleration (SHA) from 0.01 Hz to 1.28 Hz, Step Velocity Test up to 350 deg/sec, VOR Suppression Test from 0.01 Hz to 1.28 Hz with built-in laser fixation target, Visual VOR Test utilizing the built-in optokinetic drum to enhance the VOR, Static subjective visual vertical (SVV) test. Note: for dynamic SVV, see the Auto-Traverse chair. The comprehensive chair is also ideal for clinics doing extensive pediatric assessments.

Orion Reclining

Micromedical by Interacoustics Orion Reclining

Combining Rotary Chair Testing with VNG

The Orion Reclining chair is a unique and space-saving solution with the practitioner in mind. With no booth enclosure, the chair can be reclined to varying positions, allowing the clinician to perform the entire VNG test battery from the rotational chair, with no need to move the patient to another exam table or separate room. This system utilizes the same VisualEyes 525 software that the standalone VNG system does, as do the other two Rotary Chairs.
The Test battery includes: Sinusoidal Harmonic Acceleration (SHA) from 0.01 Hz to 0.64 Hz, Step Velocity Test up to 200 deg/sec, VOR Suppression Test from 0.01 Hz to 0.64 Hz, Visual VOR using the included Large-Screen Monitor, All Oculomotor tests: Gaze, Smooth Pursuit, Saccades, Saccadometry and Optokinetics, Positional and Dix-Hallpike tests and Caloric evaluation. There is an angle gauge which helps you recline the chair to precisely 30 degrees for accurate caloric testing and to supine position for positional tests. The easy-to-remove headrest makes it ideal solution for Dix-Hallpike evaluation.

The Micromedical Air Fx caloric irrigator

Micromedical by Interacoustics Air Fx

The Micromedical Air Fx caloric irrigator has many benefits. It offers an otoscopic handle with illumination as well as magnification. In addition, irrigations can be started using the start button on the handle or via the Interacoustics VNG software.

• Cooling and heating ability: 20°C to 50°C
• Illuminated and magnified otoscope
• Self-contained cooling ability
• Integrated with the Interacoustics VNG software

The Micromedical Aqua Stim

Micromedical by Interacoustics Aqua Stim

The Micromedical Aqua Stim offers reliable caloric irrigation. Can be used as a stand-alone device, or from the VNG software. Irrigation is started by simply pressing the start button on the handle one time to initiate the user-defined caloric protocol.

• 30°C cold and 44°C warm irrigations
• Use with the Interacoustics VNG software or as stand-alone
• LED illumination and start button in handle
• Eliminates the need for drain and faucet in examination room

Bertec Computerized Dynamic Posturography

Bertec’s Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR)

Bertec’s Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR) combines immersive virtual environments with dual-balance force plate technology. The advancements in Bertec’s technology increase the clinical value of CDP in both assessment and targeted therapy interventions, especially for patients suffering from dizziness, balance problems and/or motion sensitivity. Training with immersive, virtual stimuli can increase patient motivation, adaptability and variability—all factors that positively affect patient outcomes.

• Next generation CDP
• Immersive virtual reality training
• Expanded assessment and treatment protocols
• Enhanced visual stimulus
• Low profile for easy access
• Touch screen display and remote control

Bertec Cobalt

Bertec Cobalt

Bertec Cobalt is a balance test for athletes. COBALT can be used as part of a concussion screening and management program by providing an objective measure of balance control when relying on visual, somatosensory and vestibular demands. The patented COBALT protocol includes a unique set of testing conditions that places high demands on the visual and vestibular systems that traditional static balance testing does not provide. Research shows these more difficult conditions yield sensitivity in identifying individuals with suspected concussion.

• Brief Screening Tests for athletes
• Challenging but achievable
• Provides objective data about balance using accurate measurements with a dual-balance force plate
• Objective postural sway data combined with simplified scoring system
• Standardized test conditions, including head turn and visual sensitivity
• Fully portable

Bertec Portable Essential 1

The Bertec Portable Essential

The Bertec Portable Essential provides a variety of assessments, including standard static balance tests, weight shifting, and optional higher-level balance testing for athletes (COBALT). Static balance and weight shifting activities can be easily integrated into a customized therapy program.

• High-sensitivity dual-balance force plate
• Objective assessment of balance with normative data for comparison
• Convenient for clinical rehabilitation, home health, bedside, and community health programs
• Portable to bring balance services beyond clinic walls
• Training menus for use with biofeedback rehabilitation
• Low profile and light weight

The Bertec Portable Functional

The Bertec Portable Functional

The Bertec Portable Functional is a longer yet portable and highly sensitive balance force plate designed as a walkway for mobility assessment and training. The longer force plate allows the clinician to assess and train the patient on tasks that mimic daily walking, stair-stepping, and sit-to-stand activities.

• Objective assessment of functional movements
• Integrated high sensitivity dual-balance force plates
• Expanded assessment and treatment protocols
• Normative data ensuring evidence-based practice
• Low profile and light weight
• Functional training with biofeedback

The Bertec Prime IVR

The Bertec Prime IVR

The Bertec Prime IVR adds Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) to enhance clinical balance assessment and training. The immersive screen used in the Bertec Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR™) system is combined with a fixed dual-balance force plate. This unique product combines the flexibility of a small, force plate with the power of IVR training scenes. The Bertec Prime IVR includes a suite of assessments as well as training options to provide targeted and customized therapy depending on the needs of the patient.

• Immersive virtual reality training
• Enhanced visual stimulus
• New training technology combined with established balance assessments
• High-sensitivity dual-balance force plate
• Low profile for easy access
• Upgradable to CDP/IVR

The Bertec Vision Advantage 1

The Bertec Vision Advantage

The Bertec Vision Advantage (BVA) identifies dysfunction in the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR) per the Dynamic Visual Acuity Test. The BVA provides a more objective test than the standard clinical DVA test using an eye chart. The BVA also includes a Gaze Stability Test that identifies when the VOR falls below normal limits and whether there is an asymmetry between the left and right side. These advanced capabilities allow the clinician to customize treatment to the patient, resulting in optimal patient outcomes.

• Wireless and light weight head tracker
• Next generation VOR assessments
• Patient specific baseline comparison
• Automatic sensor calibration
• New technology allows for unrestrictive patient movements and more flexibility for clinicians
• Optimal patient outcomes

The Bertec Vision Trainer

The Bertec Vision Trainer

The Bertec Vision Trainer (BVT) offers performance testing and training programs to quantify reaction times, eye-hand coordination, and visual memory.

• Improve visual-motor performance
• Achieve peak performance in fast-paced competitive environment
• Provide a unique modality for training during injury recovery
• Increase user motivation and participation

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