MSI TympStar Pro

GSI TympStar Pro

The GSI TympStar Pro™ offers comprehensive middle ear testing that supports the needs of hearing healthcare professionals. Change parameters on the fly or interpret results with the touch screen display. Protocols may be configured to optimize efficiency and workflow. Multiple protocols may be created and assigned to individual users in clinics with multiple practitioners, for maximum efficiency.

Reliability, versatility, and confidence in testing are the hallmarks of the TympStar Pro. A redesigned shoulder probe and the touch screen display allow hearing healthcare professionals to easily change test ears and test parameters quickly and efficiently. The TympStar Pro continues to be the gold standard for clinical immittance.

  • Confidence in Testing – Complete confidence during reflex threshold testing with artifact-free tracings
  • Streamline Day to Day Operations – Benefit from Auto Sequence, testing with a single button press and user defined protocols
  • Every Patient Population – Multiple probe tones, advanced clinical tests, and screening protocols give versatility for every patient.
Interacoustics Titan PDF

Interacoustics Titan Wide Band Tympanometry

The Titan is a modular platform with Clinical Impedance, Clinical DPOAE, Automated Screening ABR (ABRIS) and the new Wide Band Tympanometry (WBT) options. This flexibility creates an ideal screening instrument or advanced diagnostic tool. Modularity lets you expand with optional modules at a later time to meet your growing clinical requirements. As a tool, the Titan emphasizes ease-of-use and speed without compromising testing flexibility and reliable results.

With WBT, the 226Hz probe tone is replaced by a broadband click measuring frequencies from 226 Hz to 8000 Hz. WBT delivers standard tympanometry across the entire frequency bandwidth in a single sweep and absorbance measures that enhance the differential diagnostic process.

Interacoustics AT235h

Interacoustics AT235h 

The new AT235h brings diagnostic and clinical tympanometry with basic audiometry to the next level. With features like a 10″ display, HDMI output, included wall mount and capability of direct printing or through a PC, this is perhaps the most versatile impedance bridge on the market. Test batteries of the AT235h include standard tympanometry, high frequency tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflex and reflex decay, 3 Eustachian tube function tests and air conduction audiometry.

Interacoustics AA222 Combo Audiometer Tympanometer

Interacoustics AA222 Combo Audiometer – Tympanometer

The AA222 Combination, diagnostic & clinical middle ear analyzer and diagnostic audiometer features:

– 10” adjustable color display & HDMI output
– Great overview of the measurements on the large 10” color display. The display can be adjusted to avoid reflections. – It can connect to TV or projector which would make it great for counseling and educational purposes.

Impedance test battery consists of: Tymp 226Hz, Tymp 678, 800 & 1000Hz (h-license), Manual tympanometry (h-license), Ipsilateral Reflex, Contralateral Reflex, ETF 1 test non-perforated tympanic membrane, ETF 2 test perforated tympanic membrane, ETF 3 patulous tympanic membrane (h-license), Reflex decay, Manual latency (h-license)

Audiometry test battery consists of: Air & bone conduction, Stenger, ABLB, SISI, Modified Hughson-Westlake,
Weber, Speech CD, wave files & live, QuickSIN (optional), Binaural speech (optional)

Maico EasyTymp Pro

Maico EasyTymp Pro

Handheld Impedance system for fast tympanometry, acoustic reflex tests, reflex decay tests and Eustachian tube tests.

Maico TouchTymp MI 34 PDF

Maico TouchTymp MI 34

ALL-TOUCH Impedance series, this middle ear analyzer features a shoulder box probe, acoustic reflex frequencies, ETF and reflex decay tests, 10.4” touchscreen, eartip kit, power supply, USB cable and paper.

Maico TouchTymp MI 36 PDF

Maico TouchTymp MI 36

ALL-TOUCH Impedance series, this middle ear analyzer features a shoulder box probe, acoustic reflex frequencies, ETF and reflex decay tests, Air Conduction Audiometry, Bone Conduction Audiometry, 10.4” touchscreen, eartip kit, power supply, USB cable and paper.

otowave 302 front

Otowave 302

The Otowave 302 is designed for fast and accurate middle ear measurements for audiology, ENT and primary care.

Our Otowave 302 includes the perfect test array to assess all ages and identify the most common middle ear pathologies; these include 226Hz (optional 1000Hz) tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral reflex testing.


  • Large digital display
  • Compact design
  • 226Hz probe tone
  • Optional 1kHz probe tone (302-H option) with admittance, susceptance and conductance measurements (YBG)
  • Live display
  • Ipsilateral and contralateral reflex frequencies (0.5, 1, 2 & 4kHz)
  • Enhanced mode reflex test
  • Auto pass/refer evaluation
  • Fully customizable test protocol
  • User selectable measurement speeds
  • Internal memory, connection to thermal printer and/or PC

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