Otoacoustic Emissions

MSI Corti

GSI Corti

The GSI Corti™ is a portable, battery-operated diagnostic and screening device that measures Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) for infants, children, and adults. The Corti offers maximum speed and flexibility with pre-defined and user-defined protocols for Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE) and Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAE) measurements. Screening can be completed in seconds - saving valuable time, increasing accuracy, and reducing the risk of a newborn waking during screening.

The Corti provides six different configuration options that meet the needs for virtually all clinic environments: three options for screening and three options for diagnostic testing. Screening options include DP, TE, or DP plus TE screening. Diagnostic configurations include DP, TE, or DP plus TE diagnostics.

  • Minimal Training Required – Complete evaluation on both ears requires only three button presses
  • Cut Out Noise – Patented noise rejection algorithm smartly assesses the response in variable background noise
  • Fast as 8 Seconds – DPOAE testing in a single ear can be completed as quickly as 8-16 seconds
Interacoustics Eclipse PDF

Interacoustics Eclipse

Eclipse is the Interacoustics platform for measuring auditory evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions. It is a single high performance hardware unit controlled from a laptop or PC by a variety of software modules designed around specific test areas.



Lyra is a PC Based Clinical OAE instrument. It is available as DPOAE, TEOAE or Both. Lyra employs advanced detection algorithms to offer fast and reliable testing. Bayesian weighted averaging combats against noise from the patient (moving, sucking, breathing) and from the test environment. It can reduce test times by up to 50% (based on in-house validation studies).

The automatic in-ear-stimulus calibration ensures that the correct stimulus level is delivered at the ear drum, no matter the patient’s ear canal volume. In other words, accurate stimulus level = accurate results

Lyra connects via USB cord to a PC and is operated within the IA OAE software suite.
This user-friendly software allows you to obtain high-quality measurements and offers a variety of testing options, making it easy to obtain comprehensive clinical OAE measurements.

Interacoustics OtoRead PDF

Interacoustics OtoRead

The OtoReadTM combines fast and comprehensive DPOAE and TEOAE testing of newborn babies, children and adults in an easy to use, handheld device.

Whether your testing protocols call for transient evoked or distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing, OtoReadTM provides the optimal solution. It can be used for a simple screening or for a more detailed assessment in diagnostic mode, testing across a wide range of frequencies.

The OtoReadTM is available in six versions allowing you to choose the one to suit your screening or clinical needs. Features: DPOAE &/or TEOAE, User programmable protocols, Modern cradle for storage charging & data transfer, Wireless thermal printer.

Interacoustics Titan OAE PDF

Interacoustics Titan OAE

Customize your Titan through dedicated software modules (AEP, OAE, Impedance and WBT testing ) to create a winning combination for screening, diagnostic and advanced clinical testing. High resolution color display,
Testing through multiple probe and transducer configurations, Handheld and PC mode for full flexibility,
Features are developed in sync with your changing needs and contain the latest technologies making the Titan a future-safe investment.

Maico Eroscan PDF

Maico Eroscan Diagnostic OAE Instrument

Easy to operate one button design Sequenced protocols permit a full test battery DP and/or TE OAE Intuitive interface for fast, easy operation Advanced diagnostic capabilities Customizable settings and protocols Print to thermal paper, PDF or PC printer. The Diagnostic DPOAE: Model tests 1.5 kHz to 12.0 kHz, the Diagnostic TE model tests TEOAE: 0.7 kHz to 4.0 kHz

Otodynamics Echoport ILO292 PDF

Otodynamics Echoport ILO292

The Echoport ILO292 USB-II delivers the complete range of dual probe advanced clinical tests through ILO V6 software

Otodynamics Otoport Advance

Otodynamics Otoport Advance

Otoport Advance is a handheld clinical instrument delivering quality OAE measurements and analysis, satisfying all OAE CPT codes.

Otodynamics Otoport DPTE PDF

Otodynamics Otoport DP+TE

The Otoport DP+TE is all you need for OAE screening and clinical investigations.

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