Titmus vSeries Vision Screen PDF

The Titmus VSeries family of vision screening instruments features a compact, foldable, lightweight design, ergonomics for patient comfort, standardized test illumination and integrated handle for ease of transport. All models in the Titmus VSeries family combine a variety of vision screening tests like visual acuity, binocularity, color and depth perception, muscle balance, astigmatism and peripheral vision to meet your vision screening requirements. 

Depisteo VT-1 Remote PDF

Long life LED lighting
Light weight and portable
Easy to transport
‚ÄčAdaptable to progressive lenses

Depisteo VT-1 PC Controlled PDF

PC Driven Vision TesterStore patient results in electronic filePrint results to PC printer or PDF
Prepare personalized sequences to adapt to your patients needsWatch a video on the Depisteo VT-

Vision Testers