Newborn Hearing

MSI Corti

GSI Corti

The GSI Corti™ is a portable, battery-operated diagnostic and screening device that measures Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) for infants, children, and adults. The Corti offers maximum speed and flexibility with pre-defined and user-defined protocols for Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE) and Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAE) measurements. Screening can be completed in seconds - saving valuable time, increasing accuracy, and reducing the risk of a newborn waking during screening.

The Corti provides six different configuration options that meet the needs for virtually all clinic environments: three options for screening and three options for diagnostic testing. Screening options include DP, TE, or DP plus TE screening. Diagnostic configurations include DP, TE, or DP plus TE diagnostics.

  • Minimal Training Required – Complete evaluation on both ears requires only three button presses
  • Cut Out Noise – Patented noise rejection algorithm smartly assesses the response in variable background noise
  • Fast as 8 Seconds – DPOAE testing in a single ear can be completed as quickly as 8-16 seconds
MSI Novus

GSI Novus

The GSI Novus™ is a sleek, handheld, comprehensive newborn hearing screening instrument. The Novus features a touch screen display and intuitive software in a compact hardware design. The Novus may be configured with any combination of AABR, TEOAE, and DPOAE, which allows for seamless two stage infant screening.

The Novus offers two methods for simultaneous testing of AABR by using IP30 insert phones with ear tips or ear cups. Testing both ears at the same time offers significant time saving benefits.

A wireless charging dock is included with the Novus. Screening tests can be completed any time the battery is low and is placed on the dock. A fully charged Novus can perform approximately 50 ABR or 150 OAE screening evaluations.

  • Portable Design – Easily transport the Novus to the infant’s bedside for testing
  • Dependable Testing – Designed to withstand the constant, intense nature of hospital screening
  • Easy to Use – Straightforward and logical interface which screeners can quickly learn

Interacoustics Titan

The Titan is a modular platform with Clinical Impedance, Clinical DPOAE, and Automated Screening ABR (ABRIS) options. This flexibility creates an ideal screening instrument or advanced diagnostic tool. Modularity lets you expand with optional modules at a later time to meet your growing clinical requirements. As a tool, the Titan emphasizes ease-of-use and speed without compromising testing flexibility and reliable results.​

EasyScreen with BERAphone

Maico easyScreen

  • Fast and easy ABR + OAE hearing screening
  • Powerful ABR detection algorithm for testing within seconds
  • Truly intuitive user interface
  • On-screen guidance; i.e. probe fitting feedback, noise monitoring
  • Small and lightweight
  • Large color touchscreen for comfortable navigation
  • Very short boot-up time and long battery life
  • Cradle for wireless charging
  • HearSIM™ patient database and device manager
  • Upgradeable to easyScreen BERAphone in 2018

Maico Eroscan OAE Screener

TEOAE and DPOAE screener for fast and accurate hearing screening and early detection programs. Diagnostic model available.


Miaco MB11 New Born Hearing ABR Screener

Fast and automatic ABR-screening, reliable results within seconds Unique ABR with integrated electrodes saves costs for disposables CE-Chirp-Stimulus ensures fast results Automatic Impedance Check indicates impedance conditions Export function of test data for quality ensuring tracking Stimulation level at 35 dBHL


Otodynamics Otocheck

The Otocheck is a simple to use handheld OAE system with an intuitive interface, offered with either TEOAEs for newborn hearing screening or DPOAEs for both newborn and pediatric hearing screening.

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Otodynamics Otoport AOE+ABR


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