Hearing Instrument Fitting


Audioscan Axiom

Audioscan’s Axiom offers the highest quality in standard verification. It is for clinics who need only the essentials in verifying hearing instruments. Simply connect to your laptop or external monitor and your Axiom is ready to go to work!

Why Buy Axiom? For Value and Performance.

  • Axiom includes full test box capabilities
  • Remote connectivity with NOAH facilitates easy and efficient office integration
  • Axiom is a stand-alone powerful computer, avoiding future operating system conflicts faced by PC-based equipment
  • Dual probe microphones for fast, convenient set up
  • Axiom’s smaller footprint is space-efficient
  • Connect a large screen monitor for superior counseling impact
  • Free software updates twice per year for up to 10 years
  • Affordable Audioscan quality that lasts!

Audioscan Verifit 2

Audioscan’s Verifit 2 is the most advanced name in verification, thanks to an unwavering commitment to scientific accuracy. Audioscan has a single-minded focus on constantly improving the verification process. This assures your patients get the best possible hearing experience.

Why Buy Verifit2? For Performance and Accuracy

Enjoy these advanced features found in the #1 selling Verifit2:

  • Patented** binaural capability improves accuracy
  • New RMSE score that tracks dB variance from target to assure fitting excellence!
  • Unique speech-activated directional test that other brands simply cannot test
  • Full telephone verification tests for Bluetooth and T-coil enabled hearing aids
  • Wideband to 12.5 kHz testing capability
  • Noise reduction testing that measures simultaneous binaural REM and test box
  • Superior binaural accuracy with Binaural Sound Field AssistTM

Verification is now easier and faster than ever!

  • Efficient simultaneous binaural in REM, test box and real-time headphones
  • User-friendly menu makes selecting tests a breeze
  • Verifit LINKTM quickly and accurately automates the fitting process*
  • Full integration capability that easily shares data using Noah
  • Puttyless coupling for superior quickness
  • Convenient MAOF frequency lowering highlighter
  • Slide-in couplers and hearing aid positioning tools are a snap!

*Oticon, Bernafon and Sonic brands only as of September, 2018
** Patent US 9,860,652 Β2. Testbox only


Audioscan Verifit Skull Simulator

You can objectively verify the capabilities of Ponto® and Baha® devices using any Verifit® test box produced since 2005, against first-ever DSL-BCD* targets. The VSS uses a specialized new Speechmap environment using Force Level (FL) with appropriate vibrational transforms to represent the dynamic range of the patient.


Interacoustics Affinity

The Affinity is the ideal tool for Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers. It tests hearing aids, performs real ear measurement, test box measures and functions as a audiometer – all in a single unit controlled by an external computer. It is fully compatible with OtoAccess and NOAH.


Interacoustics Affinity Compact

This innovative new instrument uses the well-tested Affinity Suite software.  You only have to choose the modules and tests you need now, as you can always purchase more down the road.  The same applies to the four base units which can be configured in any combination of Audiometer, Real Ear, Visible Speech and Hearing Instrument Test box.

ad528 frontview 46651840

Interacoustics AD528

The Interacoustics AD528 has a compact footprint but yet high level of usability. It is the perfect audiometer for any clinic, hospital or fitting shop. We proudly call it “Diagnostics made easy!”

• Starts in a few seconds
• Easy to use
• Fast masking on/off


Interacoustics AD629 Audiometer

AD629 – the new 2 channel air, bone, speech audiometer. The first true hybrid audiometer combining a standalone and PC-based audiometer in one box.

​Large 5.7″ adjustable high resolution graphical color display Internal storage for 500 patients / 50,000 test sessions Integrated pre-recorded speech & Direct print options Compact and portable design (14 “ x 11“)


Interacoustics Callisto

The Callisto™ brings the modern clinic to your client! The small footprint and light weight ( 1.25lbs) makes the system the ideal choice for the travelling clinician doing home visits or travelling between different sites.

​Portable Audiometry and REM

Interacoustics Viot Video Otoscope

Interacoustics Viot Video Otoscope

The New Viot video otoscope can capture sharp high-resolution images and video.
The ergonomic design of the new Viot makes it extremely easy to use and ensures a comfortable experience for the client. It is ready for use as soon as the image appears on the screen, and with only one button press, the user can make a full assessment of both ears without having to revert to the computer or screen.
With the convenient 90° angle view, it is possible to see both the ear drum and the lower part of the ear canal.
The Viot can be operated through the Viot Suite or directly from the Affinity2.0, Equinox2.0 and Callisto suites.
It is Windows® 10 compatible and offers integration with Noah and the Interacoustics OtoAccess database.

MA-42 equipment

Maico MA-42

MA-42 Portable air/bone/speech, 2-channel audiometer with built-in word lists, advanced diagnostic test functions, smart icon navigation and ergonomic design.



Combining the Power of Audiometry, Real Ear Measurement & Live Speech Mapping In One Compact System.


  • Complete Air Bone, Speech and Masking Audiometry
  • Binaural Real Ear Measurement and Live Speech Mapping
  • Powerful 3rd Party Counseling Tools
  • Built-In Special Tests, Word Lists and Auto-Scoring
  • AutoFit Capable
  • PC- based and Portable
  • 2 x 20 W built-in Amplifiers
  • Small Footprint – approx. 8” x 5” x 1.25”
  • USB Connection to Computer
  • NOAH™, TIMS®, Blueprint OMS and Sycle Compatible
Photo of the A2D+ machine

MedRx A2D+ Audiometer

The AVANT A2D+ is a compact, dual channel, air, bone and speech Audiometer.


  • ​Dual Channel
  • PC Based Via USB Connection
  • ​Insert Earphones or TDH-39 ​Headset
  • ​Patient Response SwitchNOAH™, Sycle.Net & TIMS®
  • Optional Integrated Quick SIN™
  • Testing Capability Available

MedRx REM+

Our Sure-Probe™ Microphone System offers an adjustable loop and probe retention design which allows for easy placement in any ear.

  • Simultaneous FFT Dual Probe Measurement
  • Blue (L) and Red (R) Lighted Ear Indicators
  • Features:DSL (I/O), NAL-NAL1 and NAL-NL2 Targets
  • Hearing Loss Simulator For 3rd Party Demonstrations
  • ​USB Powered
  • Ergonomic Design
  • NOAH™, Sycle.Net & TIMS® Compatible
MedRx USB Video Otoscope

MedRx USB Video Otoscope

With the user friendly, USB connection, plug and play technology, you can capture, view and store clear & sharp digital Images, perform an otoscopic examinations and view the probe microphone tube in the ear canal. The software conveniently shows a list of captured pictures, comments and previews of the selected Images.

· NOAH™, TIMS, Blueprint OMS and Sycle Compatible. An Integrated Video Module is Available in MedRx Software.

Photograph of the MedRx UltraVac+ machine

MedRx UltraVac+

The vacuum chamber will pull up to 28.5 inches of mercury at sea level when the constant suction feature is engaged. The Pulse Power feature will increase the volume of airflow to remove clogged debris.

Otowave 102 front of machine
Otowave 102 side of machine

Otowave 102-1 & 102-4 

The Otowave 102 is easy to hold and very intuitive to operate. Screening tympanometry takes less than 5 seconds with an automatic pass/refer function. This makes the Otowave the perfect choice for screening children.


  • Portable, handheld design
  • 226Hz probe tone
  • Live display
  • 1 or 4 ipsilateral reflex frequencies (102-1/102-4)
  • Enhanced mode reflex test (102-4)
  • Auto pass/refer evaluation
  • Fully customizable test protocol
  • Internal memory, wireless printing to thermal printer and PC connectivity
Otowave 202 front of machine
Otowave 202 side of machine

Otowave 202

Building on the success of the Otowave 102, the Otowave 202 adds in contralateral reflex testing as well as optional high frequency testing for neonates (202-H).

The Otowave 202 is the perfect instrument to help audiologists and hearing aid dispensers identify middle ear disorders, but also to differentiate conductive and sensorineural hearing issues in combination with an audiogram.


  • Designed for handheld and desktop use
  • Dual power functionality
  • 226Hz probe tone
  • Optional 1kHz probe tone (202-H option) with admittance, susceptance and conductance measurements (YBG)
  • Live display
  • Ipsilateral and contralateral reflex frequencies (0.5, 1, 2 & 4kHz)
  • Enhanced mode reflex test
  • Auto pass/refer evaluation
  • Fully customizable test protocol
  • User selectable measurement speeds
  • Internal memory, connection to thermal printer and/or PC
Front of Model 260 machine
Side of Model 260 machine

Model 260

The 260 Audiometer features everything you need to identify different kind of hearing loss and is regularly used to fit hearing aids all around the world.

The device includes air, bone and speech audiometry in a compact and lightweight design. The audiometer also includes masking and special tests alongside easy data management options.


  • Frequency range: 125 - 8000Hz
  • Attenuation range: -10 - 120dBHL
  • Air and bone conduction, ULL/UCL 
  • Speech testing (live and recorded)
  • Tone selection: Pure, pulsed, warble, continuous
  • Narrowband masking
  • Special tests: ABLB, Stenger
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Integrated talk forward function
  • Threshold retention function (during Test)

Internal memory, connection to thermal printer and/or PC

Front of Model 270 machine
Side of Model 270 machine

Model 270

The 270 diagnostic audiometer is an ideal 2 channel audiometer. With an ergonomic design and a clear layout, the key features of the audiometer can be accessed through dedicated keys.

Offering the full spectrum of audiological measurements such as air and bone conduction as well as speech testing, the device also allows free field measurements. Despite the amount of functions available, many of our customers have commented on how easy the product is to learn to use and how easy it is to operate.


  • 2 channel audiometry
  • Frequency range: 125 - 8000Hz
  • Attenuation range: -10 - 120dBHL
  • Air and bone conduction, ULL/UCL 
  • Speech testing (live and recorded)
  • Tone selection: Pure, pulsed, warble, continuous
  • Narrowband masking
  • Special tests: ABLB, Stenger, SISI
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Integrated talk forward function
  • Threshold retention function (during test)
  • Internal memory, connection to thermal printer and/or PC
Front of Model 270 Plus machine
Side of Model 270 Plus machine

Amplivox 270 +

Amplivox 270+  2 channel diagnostic audiometer designed for all hearing professionals.

  • The comprehensive specification includes time saving automated testing and support such as a masking assistant, special clinical tests and counselling tools.
  • The stylish design of the Model 270 + features a dedicated soft key layout that sequentially steps through test routines.
  • With a clear display to show current test progress and light rings indicating test ear and channel use your patient receives your full attention.
  • All test results can be easily stored, printed and transferred to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems such as ampliSuite and NOAH 4.

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