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Maico easy Tone with tablet, headphone and bag.

Maico easyTone

This cutting-edge audiometer provides easy PASS/REFER results, a protocol wizard to customize screening requirements, and quick importing/exporting of screening lists.

Features Include:

  • State of the art tablet audiometer
  • Air conduction from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz
  • Overall pass/refer result
  • Optimized screening workflow
  • Protocol wizard for easy setup
  • Direct printout of results or share to e-mail
  • Companion software for screening list management
  • Circumaural headphone for improved attenuation
  • Room noise monitoring
  • ANSI Type 4 audiometer in headphone


Lyra is a PC Based Clinical OAE instrument. It is available as DPOAE, TEOAE or Both. Lyra employs advanced detection algorithms to offer fast and reliable testing. Bayesian weighted averaging combats against noise from the patient (moving, sucking, breathing) and from the test environment. It can reduce test times by up to 50% (based on in-house validation studies).

The automatic in-ear-stimulus calibration ensures that the correct stimulus level is delivered at the ear drum, no matter the patient’s ear canal volume. In other words, accurate stimulus level = accurate results

Lyra connects via USB cord to a PC and is operated within the IA OAE software suite.
This user-friendly software allows you to obtain high-quality measurements and offers a variety of testing options, making it easy to obtain comprehensive clinical OAE measurements.

GSI Audera Pro Laptop

GSI Audera Pro

The GSI Audera Pro™ is the next generation of Grason-Stadler’s highly acclaimed clinical evoked potential and OAE systems. The Audera Pro offers a comprehensive battery of test types covering evoked potentials (EP) and otoacoustic emissions (OAEs). The Audera Pro comes with all of the great features of its predecessor, the Audera, and now offers a number of significant updates to support the needs of today’s audiology practices. Tests can be performed quickly and efficiently with customized test protocols. Results can be stored in its database management system, which allows for combining all test types into a single report.

  • Multiple Analysis Tools - Use a variety of objective analysis tools to assist in the validation of test data
  • Efficient Data Collection - Modules of the Audera Pro feature predefined protocols and normative data
  • Larger Amplitude with CE-Chirp - Save time and increase confidence by using CE-Chirp and CE-Chirp Octave Band stimuli


AMTAS™, or Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity, was created by audiologists, for audiologists. This tool is used to boost efficiency through a reliable and accurate method to obtain a diagnostic hearing test. While patients are working through AMTAS, the clinician can complete other tasks, such as counseling or additional testing. Once the patient has completed AMTAS, the clinician can then go over the results with the patient.


AMTAS Pro™ offers diagnostic air conduction, bone conduction, and speech (SRT and WRS) testing with masking. This self directed test typically takes about 15 minutes to complete and the report provides nine quality indicators to assist the clinician in interpretation of the accuracy of the test. AMTAS Pro is operated through a computer that is connected to a compatible GSI audiometer (i.e. AudioStar Pro or Pello).


Patients can use AMTAS Flex™ to obtain a validated hearing test before their appointment begins. AMTAS Flex is easy to use. The test is selfpaced so patients may proceed at a rate that is comfortable for them. This version of AMTAS allows patients to complete a pure tone screening or air conduction threshold test as soon as they walk in the door. Patented quality indicators ensure the validity and accuracy of the basic testing so you can move to the next step with confidence. AMTAS Flex is operated through a tablet computer with no audiometer required, making it the preferred option for portability.

MSI AudioStar Pro

GSI AudioStar Pro

The GSI AudioStar Pro™ is a versatile 2 channel clinical audiometer designed to perform efficient audiometric evaluations on every patient population. It may be used independently or with a computer for HIPAA compliant data storage and EMR/EHR compatibility. From the extra large display that reduces eye strain, to the ergonomic design that maximizes hand and wrist comfort, to the lights around selected test buttons, the AudioStar Pro is designed for the busy audiologist.

The AudioStar Pro provides the flexibility of a standalone audiometer that offers seamless data transfer to a computer. In the event of a network failure or computer lock up, you will not lose patient data or the ability to test.

  • Improve Your Efficiency – Speech auto play, auto advance, and auto frequency selection allow the examiner to improve productivity
  • Familiar Navigation – Gold standard front panel design, intuitive display, one button, one function front panel navigation
  • Customizable Preferences – Personalize facility preferences through the Configuration Application
MSI TympStar Pro

GSI TympStar Pro

The GSI TympStar Pro™ offers comprehensive middle ear testing that supports the needs of hearing healthcare professionals. Change parameters on the fly or interpret results with the touch screen display. Protocols may be configured to optimize efficiency and workflow. Multiple protocols may be created and assigned to individual users in clinics with multiple practitioners, for maximum efficiency.

Reliability, versatility, and confidence in testing are the hallmarks of the TympStar Pro. A redesigned shoulder probe and the touch screen display allow hearing healthcare professionals to easily change test ears and test parameters quickly and efficiently. The TympStar Pro continues to be the gold standard for clinical immittance.

  • Confidence in Testing – Complete confidence during reflex threshold testing with artifact-free tracings
  • Streamline Day to Day Operations – Benefit from Auto Sequence, testing with a single button press and user defined protocols
  • Every Patient Population – Multiple probe tones, advanced clinical tests, and screening protocols give versatility for every patient.
MSI Pello

GSI Pello

The GSI Pello™ is an adaptable audiometer with a small footprint and familiar Grason-Stadler design. This mid-level audiometer is the perfect solution for a small or growing practice because of its flexibility. Four configuration options allow different ways to mix and match features for clinic and patient needs. The standard Pello audiometer may be upgraded in the future with new features and tests as facility needs grow. Choose from three additional configurations: Speech Plus, High Frequency, and/or Special Tests.

  • Customization at Your Fingertips – Customize default settings with the Configuration Application
  • Adaptable to Your Needs – Standard audiometer can be upgraded in the future, adding new features
  • Efficiency You Can Appreciate – GSI is recognized worldwide as the most user-friendly front panel design in audiometry


MSI Corti

GSI Corti

The GSI Corti™ is a portable, battery-operated diagnostic and screening device that measures Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) for infants, children, and adults. The Corti offers maximum speed and flexibility with pre-defined and user-defined protocols for Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE) and Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAE) measurements. Screening can be completed in seconds - saving valuable time, increasing accuracy, and reducing the risk of a newborn waking during screening.

The Corti provides six different configuration options that meet the needs for virtually all clinic environments: three options for screening and three options for diagnostic testing. Screening options include DP, TE, or DP plus TE screening. Diagnostic configurations include DP, TE, or DP plus TE diagnostics.

  • Minimal Training Required – Complete evaluation on both ears requires only three button presses
  • Cut Out Noise – Patented noise rejection algorithm smartly assesses the response in variable background noise
  • Fast as 8 Seconds – DPOAE testing in a single ear can be completed as quickly as 8-16 seconds
Interacoustics vHIT EyeSeeCam

Micromedical by Interacoustics vHIT - EyeSeeCam

Features: ~~The EyeSeeCam vHIT provides quick and objective measurements of the vestibular-ocular reflex (VOR). A simple tool to assess the performance of all 6 semicircular canals. The results allow the healthcare professional to efficiently diagnose the “dizzy” patient and evaluate if the dizziness is related to a vestibular disorder.

Interacoustics AC 40 Hybrid Audiometer

Interacoustics AC-40 Hybrid Audiometer

A full two channel clinical audiometer that includes all the advanced features and functions needed by a modern clinic. Designed to make your work day easier and more efficient.

With the Hybrid design, you get full control over the audiometer, whether you want to use it as a standalone, PC-based or together!


Maico Eroscan Plus OAE Screener​

ERO•SCAN Screener test system provides a rapid measurement anddocumentation of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAEs) or Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAEs) at several frequencies. This device is an ideal screening tool for professionals involved in a hearing screening program or needing a quick assessment of the cochlear system due to the “Pass” or “Refer” outcomes provided.

This device is used for all age groups but an ideal solution for pre-school and kindergarten children and even newborn infants.

  • 4 DPOAE test frequencies reported
  • Integration to state tracking systems, Hi-Track or Oz
Maico easyTympTympanometer

Maico easyTymp Tympanometer

  • NOAH Compatible, Ergonomic Design, Full color high resolution graphic result display
  • Probe Tone; 226 Hz (standard) -Optional; 1000 Hz
  • Ipsi Reflex Frequencies; 500 Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz
  • Rechargeable docking station; supplied with extra battery

Interacoustics Titan

Wide Band Tympanometry

The Titan is a modular platform with Clinical Impedance, Clinical DPOAE, Automated Screening ABR (ABRIS) and the new Wide Band Tympanometry (WBT) options. This flexibility creates an ideal screening instrument or advanced diagnostic tool. Modularity lets you expand with optional modules at a later time to meet your growing clinical requirements. As a tool, the Titan emphasizes ease-of-use and speed without compromising testing flexibility and reliable results.
With WBT, the 226Hz probe tone is replaced by a broadband click measuring frequencies from 226 Hz to 8000 Hz. WBT delivers standard tympanometry across the entire frequency bandwidth in a single sweep and absorbance measures that enhance the differential diagnostic process.


Interacoustics Callisto

The Callisto™ brings the modern clinic to your client! The small footprint and light weight ( 1.25lbs) makes the system the ideal choice for the travelling clinician doing home visits or travelling between different sites.

​Portable Audiometry and REM

Interacoustics AT235h

Interacoustics AT235h

The new AT235h brings diagnostic and clinical tympanometry with basic audiometry to the next level. With features like a 10" display, HDMI output, included wall mount and capability of direct printing or through a PC, this is perhaps the most versatile impedance bridge on the market. Test batteries of the AT235h include standard tympanometry, high frequency tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflex and reflex decay, 3 Eustachian tube function tests and air conduction audiometry.

Otodynamics Otoport Advance

Otodynamics Otoport Advance

Otoport Advance is a handheld clinical instrument delivering quality OAE measurements and analysis, satisfying all OAE CPT codes.

Otodynamics Otoport DPTE PDF

Otodynamics Otoport DP+TE

The Otoport DP+TE is all you need for OAE screening and clinical investigations.


Micromedical VisualEyes™ 525 VNG

Touch the future
Videonystagmography provides ideal conditions for the observation, measurement and analysis of eye movements. It saves time, reduces costs and avoids the problems of myogenic and electrical noise.

Modern touch-enabled user interface - Navigate through software without the mouse - Shortest time from test to conclusion - Intuitive design - Record client’s comments and case history - Capture positional maneuvers with sound -
Playback in slow motion or frame by frame - Crosshairs displayed during playback - Time line scrolls to show location in raw data - Videos are stored in a easily accessible folder

Benson CCS 200 Spirometer PDF

Benson CCS-200 Spirometer

The CCS-200 spirometer produces accurate and repeatable spirograms for use in NIOSH-compliant programs. The single-use disposable mouthpiece mounts easily and securely in the handle, and is removed after testing with the press of a button. Included operating software for Windows® leads the operator through the testing process by determining repeatability, grading maneuvers, and detecting artifacts and errors. The CCS-200 uses state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors to ensure accuracy with every maneuver as well as over the lifetime of the instrument. The included database software provides instant recall of past spirograms for reporting and trend analysis.

CCF 200 Fit TestPDF

CCF-200 Fit Test

The Benson Medic al CCF-200 Fit Test automatically measures the sound attenuation that a subject receives while wearing earplugs.

The system reports a Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) in decibels, representing the amount of protection. The CCF-200 integrates the fit testing into the hearing testing process: after a few simple instructions at the conclusion of the audiogram, you can add fit testing to the annual regimen.

Like the industry-leading CCA-200mini Audiometer, the CCF-200 can test multiple subjects simultaneously from a single computer.

Fit testing is a breakthrough method of verifying the amount of noise protection that each worker is receiving. Regular screening reinforces the safety culture of the workplace. Issues of poor fit, incorrect insertion, or improper choice of earplug will result in an unacceptable PAR, indicating the need for follow-up. Testing your population ensures that you are delivering the right amount of noise protection for the work environment.

A specially designed headset provides comfort during the test, and does not contact the ear or earplug, in order to ensure a valid PAR. Fit testing is an NHCA/OSHA Alliance best practice:

  • Involves workers in their own protection
  • Quantifies the protection of a given earplug
  • Usable with all manufacturers’ plugs
  • Verifies the effectiveness of PPD training
  • Stable, repeatable REAT algorithm
  • Integrates with CCA-200mini or CCA-100mini audiometer and BAS-200slm Simulator/Sound Level Meter
  • Programmable test sequences and frequency bands
Maico TouchTymp MI 24 ALL TOUCH Tympanometer PDF

Maico TouchTymp MI 24 ALL-TOUCH Tympanometer

Large 10.4” touchscreen, IPSI Reflexes and built-in printer. Acoustic reflex frequencies .5, 1, 2 & 4 kHz. Includes pen probe, ear tip kit, power supply, USB cable, and paper.

Maico TouchTymp MI 34 PDF

Maico TouchTymp MI 34

ALL-TOUCH Impedance series, this middle ear analyzer features a shoulder box probe, acoustic reflex frequencies, ETF and reflex decay tests, 10.4” touchscreen, eartip kit, power supply, USB cable and paper.

Tremetrics RA660 Audiometer PDF

Tremetrics RA660 Audiometer PDF

The Tremetrics RA660 PC based audiometer comes with a built-in Bio-Acoustic Simulator and HearCon Software. A wall mount bracket is included, which conveniently houses the audiometer, patient response switch, and headset. An optional real time OSHA and ANSI compliant octave band monitor is available.

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