GSI AudioStar Pro

The GSI AudioStar Pro™ continues GSI’s tradition of excellence in clinical audiometry by maintaining the Grason-Stadler legacy of fast, efficient and familiar navigation. The one-button, one-function front panel of the AudioStar Pro is recognized worldwide as the Gold Standard of user-friendly design allowing audiologists to test with confidence within a few minutes of review. AudioStar Pro has every desired feature such as: an extra large display that reduces eye strain, an ergonomic housing that maximizes hand and wrist comfort, and light pipes around selected test buttons allowing concentrated focus on the patient.

GSI Pello

The New GSI Pello™ is a perfect solution when precise and efficient diagnostic audiometry is required. The Pello is a stand-alone PC enabled mid-level audiometer that can be customized to meet your needs now and as your practice grows. The Pello has four testing configurations that can be mixed and matched; Standard, Speech Plus, High Frequency, and Special Tests. Learn more about how Pello can adapt to your clinic requirements.

Interacoustics Equinox Audiometer

The Equinox2.0 clinical audiometer combines a full battery of audiometric tests with the benefits of software control, integration with patient record systems and multiple data sharing and printout functions. Equinox2.0 can be wall mounted or used table-top, either way with a single USB connection to the controlling computer. Equinox2.0 is fully compatible with NOAH standards.

Interacoustics AC-40 Hybrid Audiometer

A full two channel clinical audiometer that includes all the advanced features and functions needed by a modern clinic. Designed to make your work day easier and more efficient.

With the Hybrid design, you get full control over the audiometer, whether you want to use it as a standalone, PC-based or together!

Interacoustics AA222 Combo Audiometer – Tympanometer

The AA222 Combination, diagnostic & clinical middle ear analyzer and diagnostic audiometer features:
10” adjustable color display & HDMI output
Great overview of the measurements on the large 10” color display. The display can be adjusted to avoid reflections. It can connect to TV or projector which would make it great for counseling and educational purposes.

Impedance test battery consists of: Tymp 226Hz, Tymp 678, 800 & 1000Hz (h-license), Manual tympanometry (h-license), Ipsilateral Reflex, Contralateral Reflex, ETF 1 test non-perforated tympanic membrane, ETF 2 test perforated tympanic membrane, ETF 3 patulous tympanic membrane (h-license), Reflex decay, Manual latency (h-license)

Audiometry test battery consists of: Air & bone conduction, Stenger, ABLB, SISI, Modified Hughson-Westlake,
Weber, Speech CD, wave files & live, QuickSIN (optional), Binaural speech (optional).

Interacoustics AD629 Audiometer

AD629 – the new 2 channel air, bone, speech audiometer. The first true hybrid audiometer combining a standalone and PC-based audiometer in one box.

​Large 5.7″ adjustable high resolution graphical color display Internal storage for 500 patients / 50,000 test sessions Integrated pre-recorded speech & Direct print options Compact and portable design (14 “ x 11“).

Interacoustics Callisto

The Callisto™ brings the modern clinic to your client! The small footprint and light weight ( 1.25lbs) makes the system the ideal choice for the travelling clinician doing home visits or travelling between different sites.

​​Portable Audiometry and REM

Maico MA-42

MA-42 Portable air/bone/speech, 2-channel audiometer with built-in word lists, patient storage, and NOAH compatibility.

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