MAICO Diagnostics Released Tablet Audiometer easyTone

MAICO Diagnostics recently released its first tablet audiometer, the easyTone.

The hearing screening device, that is controlled by the easyTone app installed on the included tablet, shows true pass/refer results and works with an IEC/ANSI Type 4 state-of-the-art audiometer that’s housed within a convenient headphone.

easyTone offers a protocol setup wizard which enables the creation of customized protocols fast, easy and correct. Hearing screening with easyTone requires almost no training and the test result doesn´t need any further interpretation. The digitized data management and the screening list mode saves an enormous amount of time and makes the handling of patient data and test results as easy as possible. All that, makes easyTone a highly exciting product – especially for school screening and pediatricians.

Here we want to share an interesting interview with Carrie Browning, audiologist and MAICO product manager, on the development of easyTone and its benefits for the users.